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The Bowery, Blizzards, and Beer!

Well, it’s been a fascinating week in New York City so far – with one more week to go!

The snowy exterior of historic McSorley's Ale House.

The snowy exterior of historic McSorley’s Ale House.

Luckily we’re Midwesterners who know how to deal with a touch of snow – which the New Yorkers we’ve met here have quaintly called a blizzard.

But we’ve had an amazing time taking a bite out of the Big Apple, and exploring our roots as Beertonians.

Of course no trip would be complete without going to the source of it all – McSorley’s Ale House.

This is where our forefathers Rhys Bramblethorpe and Aloysius Thompson first met and dreamed of wide open plains (probably filled with fields of hops), while slinging mugs of New York beer.

And I must say that not a one in our group – which includes followers of this blog, members of Beertown’s Historical Society, and a Daughter of Ninkasi or two – went home disappointed…or sober.

Treading in historic footprints is exhausting and thirsty work, particularly in the snow!

A festive time was had by one and all after a long and cold day exploring the nearby Bowery, where Bramblethorpe and Thompson lived and worked.

More to come in the days ahead…but for friends and family back home, here’s a little postcard of our tour group – after being considerably warmed by McSorley’s ale:

Our tour group of Beertonians, finding refreshment after a history-filled day.

Our tour group of Beertonians, finding refreshment after a history-filled day.