Happy July 4th, Beertonians!

Historic Beertown wishes all Beertonians a Happy July 4th today!

This year, Beertown celebrates its 149th Independence Day (almost at our sesquicentennial!).

The very first July 4th celebration in our town was observed in 1865, by none other than Rhys Bramblethorpe and Aloysius Thompson. They invited the elders of the Thakiwaki tribe to share a peace pipe and homemade brew at their newly founded settlement, on the very site of what would become the B&T Brewery.

The Civil War had just ended a few months earlier, and it was a time of optimism and great promise for this new frontier town.

Sadly, this tradition would not last – the remaining members of the Thakiwaki tribe were moved

Chief Thakatanka prepares to lead this year’s parade as grand marhsal.

to a reservation west of the Mississippi in 1876, in reaction to the Battle of the Little Bighorn and Custer’s Last Stand.

Over the years there have been highs and lows for our Independence Day celebrations – the exciting visit of President Teddy Roosevelt as our parade grand marhsal in 1907, the somber beginning of Prohibition in ’20, the triumphant end of the ban on beer and Prohibition in ’33, and the bleak closing of the B&T Brewery in ’92.

This year falls on the celebratory side as we prepare to honor our town’s history at our 20th Quinquennial Time Capsule Day.

And to help us commemorate our special anniversary, we’ve been joined this July 4th by an actual descendant of the Thakiwaki tribe.

Chief Thakatanka from the Cool Springs Reservation in Wyoming will lead the parade as grand marshal.

Come out to join the festivities, and to celebrate Beertown’s independent spirit!